11 Ways to Make Money for College Students in 2023

11 Ways for College Students to Earn Money in 2023

The life of a university student is not always easy. To support their studies and living expenses, they must make an effort to earn money, buy textbooks, and purchase personal items. However, working to earn money is not a bad thing. In fact, it is an opportunity for you to learn and develop skills while studying.

Throughout my time as a university student, I have learned many ways to earn income from various jobs. I want to share some suggestions to help you earn money at school or in your free time.

With the suggestions below, you can search for jobs on campus, work part-time online, or find ways to sell online. Whatever you choose to do, make use of your time and seek opportunities to earn extra income.

So now, let’s explore the following ways to help you cope with the challenges of university life.

How to earn money for college students without a full-time job 

If you’re a college student looking for ways to earn extra money without a full-time job, consider the following ideas:

1. Food delivery

You can sign up to become a delivery driver for food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc. If you are 18 years old, have a legal driver’s license, and a means of transportation, you can sign up for free on their app and schedule your work hours to fit your availability.

The average hourly wage for a food delivery driver is around $15-17 in the US and Canada.

2. Sales

Exchange ideas with your friends, family, or colleagues at school to find out their needs and sell popular items such as event tickets, makeup, books, sports equipment, etc. You can buy popular products at a low price and sell them for a higher price.

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This can help you earn around $5-10 per product.

3. Tutoring

If you have teaching experience or understand a certain subject well, you can become a tutor and offer tutoring services to other students in school.

You can advertise your services through social media channels or school bulletin boards.

The hourly rate for a student tutor typically ranges from $15-30.

4. Become a service worker

You can find work as a server in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or restaurants near your school. The condition to get this job is that you must be 18 years old or older and have customer service and beverage management skills.

The average hourly wage for a server is around $15-20.

5. Become an in-home server

Similar to working as a server outside, this job requires you to become a homemaker for a family or a party. You will have to shop, plan meals, or clean up for the homeowner. The income for this job depends on the area you live in, but the minimum income is usually around $14 per hour or more.

6. Become an Uber Driver

If you have a four-wheeled car, you can sign up for the Uber ride-hailing service to become a driver for this service. The requirements to join Uber include meeting the minimum age for driving, having a valid driver’s license, driving experience, a qualifying car, insurance, proof of residency at your location, and passing a background check.

The average hourly wage for an Uber driver in the United States and Canada is about $20, but you can also earn more money by driving for this service during peak hours.

7. Become a professor’s assistant

If you have teaching experience and want to have a higher income in the field of education, you can register to become a teacher’s assistant. You can tutor students, facilitate classroom activities, grade assignments on paper, or plan for the next lesson. The requirements to become a teaching assistant include completing a 10-month program on teaching support in high school and college curriculum, as well as having minimum experience in the teaching field or excellent organizational and communication skills.

The average salary of a teaching assistant in Canada and the United States is approximately $25.27 and $27 per hour,

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8. Become a Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is an interesting and challenging job, especially if you have in-depth knowledge of local history and excellent communication skills. To become a tour guide, you need to be trained in safety and have a tour guide certification. Finding tour guide jobs can be done through travel companies, state tourism agencies, job search websites, or by directly contacting hotels or tourist destinations.

The income of a tour guide is typically around $17.88 per hour.

9. House Sitting

House sitting is a flexible and popular job that you can do at any fixed time. Specific tasks include taking care of houses, belongings, pets, or rented shops. Searching for such jobs can be done through online platforms like TrustedHouseSitters, Nomador.com, and MindMyHouse.com.

The income for this job usually ranges from $20 to $100 per day, depending on factors such as the duration and requirements of the job.

10. Data Entry Work

Data entry is the process of converting handwritten documents into digital copies. It involves taking data from a source and copying it into a spreadsheet or a database system.

To find data entry jobs, you need to have fast typing skills, knowledge of spreadsheet tools, and the ability to understand English. Data entry jobs can be found in companies and organizations in your area, or on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

The average salary for this job is $15 per hour. If you have experience or work on larger projects, you can earn a higher salary.

11. Content Writing

If you have a passion for writing and creative content, you can earn income by writing for blogs and businesses. Content writing is one of the most in-demand skills and can provide a good income.

You can start building your portfolio by creating a blog and establishing authority. Then, create a social media presence to promote your services and search for content writing contracts on platforms like Contena or Upwork.

Working as a freelance content writer can earn you up to $28 per hour, but the salary may vary depending on your experience and your ability to attract clients.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Job While in College

As a student, your main priority is to achieve the highest grades and learn everything about the field you plan to work in after graduation. However, earning extra income when you can is also something worth considering as it teaches you discipline and valuable real-world experience.

That being said, here are the advantages and disadvantages of having a job while in college:


  • Additional/Stable Income: Having a job provides additional income that can help cover your expenses.
  • Working Experience with Customers: You gain valuable experience in working with customers, which can enhance your communication skills.
  • Development of Communication and Time Management Skills: Working while in college helps you develop strong communication skills and effective time management.
  • Enhanced Ability to Work in a Pressurized Environment: Balancing work and studies helps you improve your ability to handle pressure and work efficiently.
  • Opportunity to Learn Various Skills: Depending on the job, you can learn a range of skills, from beverage preparation to customer service.
  • Networking and Interacting with Others: Working allows you to network and expand your connections.
  • Potential for Graduating with Less Student Debt: By earning income, you can potentially graduate with less student debt.


  • Irregular Working Hours: Work hours may be unpredictable, including late nights or weekends.
  • Heavy Workload Pressure in a Stressful Environment: Juggling work and studies in a high-pressure environment can be challenging.
  • Energy and Time Consumption: Jobs require significant energy and time, which can affect your mood and overall well-being.
  • Limited Flexibility in Choosing Work Shifts: You may have limited flexibility in selecting your work shifts.
  • Potential Requirement for Staffing During Holidays or Special Events: Some jobs may require a large workforce during holidays or special events.
  • Lack of Career Advancement Opportunities: Some jobs may not offer much room for career advancement.


These are some excellent ways to earn extra money to cover your educational and living expenses while in college. If you have specialized skills, choose a job that aligns with those skills to maximize your potential. For example, if you excel in teaching, consider working as a teacher’s assistant.

I hope this article on 11 ways to make money for college students will be helpful in your future college life. If you feel that the article is lacking or have any suggestions, please leave your feedback below so that I can improve future articles. Thank you for reading!

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