Are you looking for online work from home to earn extra income? You are struggling forever but still have not found yourself a suitable form of making extra money online.

Understanding that mentality, today’s article will be suggestions for you to work online at home. Thereby helping you make money online with a computer, phone with the capabilities that you have available.

One thing must be said, in recent years, when the epidemic was complicated, the general mentality wanted to find a work-from-home job to earn income when they could not work at the company.

Or, in addition to the main job, many people also want to find more  work at home jobs  to increase their own income.

However, not everyone knows the reputable and effective ways to make money. Finding work from home online is not easy.

Not far away, I will suggest the most effective online work from home right below.

Definition of online work from home?

Part-time jobs at home or online part-time jobs are a form of making money at home via the Internet. Through your search, you find work-from-home jobs that match your free time and abilities.

All job requirements, work results are exchanged online. You are proactive in arranging time, completing work and only needing to report on time.

Online jobs from home often do not have as many strict regulations as you work at a certain company. This job does not place emphasis on contracts, benefits, etc., but only a form of delivery and completion.

Result checking is done over the Internet. Salary and bonus you will receive when creating finished products or on salary payment date.

Part-time jobs from home are often targeted at people who want to find extra income or have a lot of free time. These can be students, students, office workers, nursing mothers, etc. Common jobs such as data entry, customer care, product consulting, etc.

It should be noted that these jobs may face risks such as late salary, non-payment of salary, failure to achieve results, etc. Therefore, you need to consider carefully and choose a reputable place to do it.

10 most effective online work from home jobs

Because of the growing needs of society and the increasing need to find online jobs from home, there are now a lot of part-time jobs for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some online jobs below.

1. Make Money Online (MMO)

Sometimes for you, MMO is quite new. But it is a fact that the term  MMO – Make Money Online  is quite popular in recent years.

You can translate this phrase, it means  make money online, make money online.

In general, the MMO array is very broad, covering a lot of things in it. It is a trend of young people in the 4.0 technology era. Just use a computer phone and participate in making money online.

There are many ways to make money online, such as: Making a website to make money; Make money with Youtube; Make money through mobile App…. and many more things.

Many people choose MMO as a part-time job from home to earn extra income outside of their main job. Like myself for example.

Ways to make money online are gradually popular and full of potential. I also have an article sharing about ways to make money online (MMO) that you can refer to below.

However, you should be careful to avoid being cheated when participating in MMO. Times are tough and it’s even harder to deceive each other. I have shared it all in the post above. Please read it carefully.

2. Sell goods online at home

This is a fairly common form and is chosen by many people today. There are many things that can be sold online at home such as clothes, cosmetics, phone accessories, etc. Therefore, the number of online buyers and sellers is huge.

Selling online also does not require you to have too much capital, but only needs a place to import quality and affordable goods. If you have a good amount of capital, you can import ready-made goods and introduce them to diversify your online store, increasing the number of buyers.

If your capital is small, you can take orders, ie, who buys anything, you can enter. You can absolutely do this on your own.

The biggest requirement of the online sales job is that you must have skillful skills, enthusiastic customer service. This way, you will be competing with many other sellers.

In addition, the products you sell should be diverse, even if only aimed at a certain audience. Research the tastes of the market and choose the right product to trade.

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Some items that can be sold online at home are widely popular today, including handmade goods, clothes, cosmetics, phone cases, keychains, etc. These items are often large profits, can range from 2 to 2 years. 3 times if you find a place to import cheap, reliable goods.

Selling online is also a risky business. You may encounter cases where customers cancel orders, do not receive goods, … or risks from distributors. Therefore, you should have a plan for these problems as well as a financial backup to deal with these problems in time.

Do not ignore the article about effective online selling items that I have shared on the Blog.

3. Input data to earn money

If you have been or are looking for part-time work from home, you will surely come across a lot of jobs for data entry workers from home.

With this job, the recruiter will specifically ask you to enter for which company, what to enter and how to charge. This is the chain process. You can work as a recipient of information and data delivery or as a direct data entry person.

This job has a low but stable income. You can choose to work seasonally or permanently. Usually working from home is more common. You do not need to have expertise, just have a computer, basic computer skills to be able to work.

This job also carries risks for you. Usually, the income for data entry ranges from 2 to 4 million VND/month if you are familiar. Therefore, you should be wary of places that pay unusually high salaries.

Or don’t make job postings that don’t specify the job, asking you to go to too many sites to do. It could be a website that steals personal information or enters bad data.

Usually, when you enter data, you will immediately think of  Type Captcha Make Money. However, I also don’t see any potential from this form. You should choose data entry for reputable domestic companies when you choose this form.

4. Contributors write articles online

When looking for a part-time job at home, you will probably come across forms of online writing collaborators.

That means, if you have writing skills, you can completely sign up to be a contributor to websites on topics that you are knowledgeable about.

You will write articles for those websites and receive royalties for the articles you share.

This is a fairly common job for students or office workers who love to write, be creative and work hard to find out information. You will receive requests and write standard SEO articles on a variety of fields such as football, fashion, food, drinks, etc.

You just need to understand the requirements of content writing and have a talent for writing, maybe know a little more about image processing to be able to work.

Currently, the search for information through the internet is very much, and the websites and companies are formed, so the need for collaborators is very large. This job is also not too demanding, does not need expertise and you can learn slowly.

If you have a lot of time or have the ability to write well, you can earn from 5 to 10 million / month, even more. You are free to be creative, express your own opinions and know more about many fields. However, the requirement is that your article must be of good quality, provide accurate information and be attractive.

5. Make handmade items at home

Although this is not really an online part-time job, but I also add it here because this is also one of the jobs that many people choose.

This job requires you to have a lot of free time and have a certain patience and care. Usually, the subjects of this work are nursing mothers and workers.

Mainly because they have to stay at home to look after small children or work during the day, they do not have enough income, so they will receive more processed products. The capital to do this is quite small, and will receive remuneration based on the number of products made.

Current home-based jobs such as embroidery, threading, knitting bracelets, etc. These jobs do not require skills and thinking, just a lot of time. You can do it anywhere, anytime and most of the time there is no time pressure to complete.

The income level of this job is not high, because it depends on the processed product and the amount you can do. Each month you will receive about 500,000 – 2,000,000 for this. However, in return you are not stressed, tired because of the deadline and can stick with it for a long time.

If you want to take this job as a part-time job at home, you need to be aware that often the employer will ask you to deposit money to receive the job. That deposit is for product materials.

It is this that causes many people to be taken advantage of and can lose money because the recruitment agency is not reputable. To avoid this, you should consider and choose jobs on quality recruitment sites.

6. Translation at home

If you are someone who knows a foreign language in addition to your mother tongue and is looking for a part-time job at home, you can choose to translate. On average, a translated text will get paid from $ 25 – $ 35, an episode from $ 30 – $ 50.

The requirement for this job is that your foreign language must be good and must be able to read and understand to translate words correctly. This job is suitable for those who have a good mindset and a talent for writing.

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Because the income level is quite high, the requirements are also high. Usually, you will have to pass a difficult language and translation test to get a job.

If you know about photoshop and editing, video cutting, you can make a video and vietsub it. The income for a video is very high, depending on the length of the video. If you are in need of a large part-time income, you can learn these skills through websites, youtube, offline classes, etc.

7. Online tutoring at home

This job is very suitable for students of pedagogy, or those with good knowledge and ability to communicate. Normally, you can get online tutoring for English centers, computer training centers, math teaching centers, etc.

You will not take much time for this job but the income is stable. If you teach more for an English center, your salary will be about 50,000 – 60,000 VND/hour. Your monthly income will range from 2,000,000 to 5,000,000 VND.

If you know other foreign languages and have good translation and writing skills, you can compile them into ebooks – online books for sale. Nowadays there are many people who accumulate their own experience and share it into a book.

You can make ebooks on how to learn English, solve annual exam questions, etc. Income from these books depends on the quality and quantity sold.

8. Taking care of fanpage /Online facebook page

This is no longer strange to those who work at home. This job is suitable for a variety of subjects and different free time. Job seekers are mainly students, students and office workers.

If you choose to be the person on the facebook page, you can work all day or rotate shifts. The development of technology has created many sales pages, clothing shops, recruitment pages, etc.

This job only requires you to have 4-5 hours per day, not fixed and the income is also at a good level.

Because there are many places that need staff to work the night shift, the salary for these places will be higher than usual. If you are a “night owl” and need a fairly large income, you can do this part-time job. Hourly wages range from $10 – $20.

9. Design freelance

Currently, this job is being favored by many individuals and employers. Companies tend to hire freelance designers to solve work quickly and save money, because each company does not need this position for too long.

This job is quite suitable for those of you who have a passion for design, know design and may be doing a major design job. You can completely learn design through centers, websites or videos. You can get this extra work to do in the evening.

The peculiarity of this job is that it pays by product. If you have good skills and aesthetic eyes, you can absolutely get a pretty big income from this job.

10. Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a website, a Youtube channel or a fanpage with a large following, you can think about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, also known as affiliate marketing, is a form of passive online making money by promoting other people’s products/services/brands through your links.

If someone registers or makes a purchase through your link, you will receive a commission.

The advantage of this form of making money online is that you will not lose capital to import products to the warehouse and also do not have to participate in customer care.

And affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online and work from home in recent years.

You can market your products on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, etc. You can also earn quite a bit of money with this form.

Where to find online jobs from home?

Hiện nay, bởi vì nhu cầu tìm công việc làm thêm tại nhà rất lớn nên bạn có thể dễ dàng tìm thông qua nhiều phương tiện. Dưới đây là một số gợi ý cho bạn để tìm được công việc ưng ý.

Các website tìm việc online

If you are looking for a job online, you cannot ignore job search sites. Currently, there are many large websites such as vietnamworks, jobstreet, timviecnhanh, etc., which post and update new jobs daily. You can refer to the selection.

If you are a student, worker, nursing mother, you can find a job on a website that hires part-time workers,…

Groups looking for work on facebook

If you are a person who likes to surf social networks, you must have met groups of job seekers on facebook somewhere. These groups provide a variety of job opportunities for you and many companies also post jobs here.

Job search groups on facebook may or may not charge a fee, and of course this is only for employers. For a job seeker, you can use these groups for free to find a job you like.

If you want employers to find you, you can post your personal information, qualifications, experience and desires. The recruiter will see and be able to contact you.

These groups are usually created based on some main keywords such as: recruitment, HR, job search, students, part-time jobs, etc. If you are looking for a part-time job at home, you can enter the keyword student. members, part-time jobs, etc. You will see that a lot of groups appear to look for work.

Online job search forums

In addition to the two forms of job search, the website and facebook above, you can find jobs through online job search forums. This place in addition to posting recruitment information is also a place for people to share their job search and work experience.

If you are a person who does not have much experience in finding a job and is confused about it, you can join the forums.

Posting job vacancies as well as accessing information on forums is quite fast. You can instantly find a job you need. However, because now most people find and recruit people through job search websites or facebook, less and less people are interested in the forum. Actually this is also your good chance, avoid too much competition from others.


Above are my summaries of online jobs at home that you can refer to to earn extra income.

Don’t forget to check out the articles about  forms of making money online  that I have shared with you. Maybe you will make a lot of money from the forms that I suggest to you.

If you have any better work-at-home jobs, please share them for everyone to know.

Good luck!


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