Issues limiting ad serving on your AdSense account

Issues limiting ad serving on your AdSense account

You are making money with Google Adsense on your website. Suddenly, one day, I received an Email notification:  “Problem limiting ad serving on your AdSense account”.

Maybe you will be very confused and worried because you do not know if your Google Adsense account is okay, how will the money you earn on the account be?

I have encountered this case, so today’s article I would like to share with you about the problem of limiting the number of Google Adsense ads so that you have certain knowledge when you encounter this case.

Identify Google Adsense accounts that are restricted from serving ads

The problem of Google Adsense ad serving limit you can find out quickly through Google’s support page here:

You will receive an email notifying you of the ad restriction on the page. And soon, the ad units also no longer appear and are just white space instead.

Visit the Policy Center on your Adsense account for more detailed information about your ad serving issue.

As far as I know, the ad limitation is usually caused by the following 2 cases:

1. Due to the account – the account is being evaluated

Often the problem with the account is difficult to identify, with this form of restriction, it is very difficult for Ads to show up again. I also have not encountered this case.

Google temporarily limits ad serving on your account while it evaluates your traffic quality.

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2. Traffic concerns

Google needs to evaluate your traffic. Due to a spike in traffic on the site and the need to check if the traffic is valid, are the clicks generated fraudulently?

Reasons for being restricted from serving Adsense ads

Google wants to build a safe advertising ecosystem for advertisers, publishers, and users. This ecosystem helps prevent fraud and bad advertising experiences.

If you fall into one of the following cases, it is very easy to limit ads to assess traffic quality.

Pull traffic from sources like:

  • Traffic from Facebook
  • Traffic from Twitter
  • Traffic from Email
  • Traffic from social network links.
  • Link exchange.
  • Traffic exchange, email list…

All of which can be considered shoddy in terms of traffic sources.

Also, if you build a website and attract traffic sources with web SEO, it is not certain that you will not be restricted from advertising.

I have a case of being restricted from advertising with websites whose traffic mainly comes from Google search (organic search). My website still eats Google’s limited fruit because my keyword surpasses many competitors to the top 2,3 and has more pageviews than usual.

In general, there are also many factors that lead to the restriction of Google Adsense ads. I found that if there is a sudden change in Adsense traffic or revenue, it is easy to restrict advertising and mark for inspection.

What should you do?

When you encounter this problem, it is natural to worry. Are you wondering how it affects your Adsense account.

Your Adsense account has money, is waiting for payment, but encounters this warning and loses ads on the page, who is not bewildered. Then where will my account go and will there be any problems?

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You really don’t have to worry too much about this. If you fully comply with Google Adsense’s policy and do not click on ads yourself, your traffic source is clean and the CTR of the page is not more than 10%, then you can rest assured. Google checks and will reopen ads for you soon, but it will take time.

Many of you shared that TUT removed all ads and I confirm that, removing all ads only removes the limited warning on the account. If you remove it then reattach it, it will still display limited ads and ads will not appear.

So, when you encounter this warning, it’s best to leave the ad on the page for Google to review. If yes, then only automatic ads should be turned off (I only turned off automatic ads).

Many people removed and re-attached the ad, I think it was a coincidence. Maybe that’s enough time for Google to review and remove the advertising restriction on your site.

I myself leave such ads for Google to review. The exact time from restriction to re-appearance of ads on your site is 15 days.

How much time?

You determine that it takes between 7-14 days for Google to review your traffic source and decide to remove the traffic concern warning.

I received a warning from January 18, then on January 25, the warning stopped and the ad showed up on the page again. Money is going up but it took more than 1 week with no revenue, sorry but still happy that the Google Adsense account is not affected.

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Limit the serving of ads that lose Adsense revenue

Once the ads start showing up again on your site, the restriction message may not be removed immediately, but it may take a few days to settle down and the restriction message will be lost.

Before that, my account had total and enough threshold withdraw Google Adsense money to the bank so I was quite worried about payment. However, on the evening of the 21st, I still received the normal payment email and the money still returned to Vietcombank on the 22nd.

Sometimes I think because I’m greedy and put too many ads on the page (including automatic ads), so when the traffic increases, the CTR increases and the revenue also increases and that is also one of the reasons why Google is limited. advertisement.

When it was reopened I removed the automatic ads on the page and reduced some ad units that could lead to invalid clicks :))). Revenue decreased by half but made up for safety.

Restricting ads to investigate traffic also has its advantages. Previously, when this form was not available, if you had a traffic problem, your Google Adsense account could be disabled immediately, you will lose all the revenue you have earned.

If you do not violate the terms and policies, then rest assured that there will be no regrettable incidents. If you do something wrong, you will be punished appropriately.


Thus, if your website does not violate any of Adsense’s policies, you can be confident that your ads will be restored as soon as possible.

In short, with Adsense placed on the website, you should build quality content and drive traffic from web SEO. Traffic concerns will be eliminated if your traffic source comes from the Google search engine.

Ideally, if you play Adsense, you shouldn’t pull traffic from social media sources.

Wish you make a lot of money with Adsense.

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