Making money with Google AdSense is a great accomplishment, but encountering issues like ad serving restrictions can be concerning. If you’ve received an email notification about the problem, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind it and how to address the situation.

To identify if your Google AdSense account is restricted from serving ads, visit Google’s support page at An email notification will inform you of the ad restriction, and you’ll notice that ad units no longer appear on your page.

The ad serving limit is commonly caused by two main factors:

  1. Account Evaluation: The account may be under evaluation by Google, making it challenging to identify the issue. Ad serving is temporarily limited while Google evaluates your traffic quality.
  2. Traffic Concerns: A spike in traffic triggers Google’s need to assess its validity and check for fraudulent clicks. Sources such as Facebook, Twitter, email, social network links, link exchange, and traffic exchange can be considered questionable.

Google aims to maintain a secure advertising ecosystem, preventing fraud and ensuring a positive experience for advertisers, publishers, and users. Limiting ads is a precautionary measure when certain practices, like pulling traffic from unreliable sources, are detected.

If you experience ad restrictions, there’s no need to panic. If you adhere to Google AdSense policies, avoid clicking on ads, maintain clean traffic sources, and keep your page’s Click-Through Rate (CTR) below 10%, Google will likely reopen ads after reviewing your compliance.

When facing this issue, remain calm. Leaving the ad on your page for Google to review is advisable. Some mistakenly believe that removing and reattaching ads solves the problem, but this might be coincidental. It’s recommended to turn off automatic ads during this period.

The review process typically takes 7-14 days, during which Google evaluates your traffic source. I personally experienced a warning on January 18, and by January 25, the warning ceased, and ads reappeared on my site.

If your website adheres to AdSense policies, you can trust that your ads will be restored. To ensure a smooth experience, focus on creating quality content, and drive traffic through web SEO. Ideally, avoid pulling traffic from social media sources to eliminate concerns about the source’s quality.

Wishing you continued success and substantial earnings with Google AdSense.

By XuanYing

Hello, I am from Mainland China. My hobby is blogging, sharing my knowledge about making money and technology with everyone!