TOP 8 ways to make money online for students simple, prestigious, easy to do

TOP 8 ways to make money online for students simple, prestigious, easy to do

In today’s technology era, the Internet is developing more and more, everyone has a smartphone. Young people who are very knowledgeable about technology and make money online for students have been interested in many students since they were still in school.

Therefore, it is becoming quite common for students to have a part-time online job or when they have free time.

However,  how to make money online Internet is quite diverse, not all types are suitable for students. Besides, each type of work has its own specific characteristics, requirements as well as some potential risks from the Internet environment.

To ensure a safe and effective online job, immediately refer to the simple, easy ways to make money online for students in 2023 through the following article.

Ways to make money online for students

Let’s take a look at the top 8 ways to make money online for students most effectively, simply and easily. It is perfectly suitable for middle school students from grade 8 and up to high school students.

Some forms need more help from siblings or parents to receive money because you are too young, under 18 years old or do not have a citizen ID to open a bank account or electronic payment wallets. .

1. Blogging – The easiest way to make money online for students

For students who specialize in writing, have good writing skills, you can completely make money online with blogging.

If you are interested or have knowledge in a certain field, you can completely create a personal blog to share your knowledge or give some tips or solve problems many people are facing. yes, or write reviews of products…

Specifically, you can refer to some ideas,  how to make money online for students  by blogging below.

  • Make money with Affiliate Marketing:  You can sign up for Affiliate Marketing programs from e-commerce sites like Tiki, Shopee, Lazada… then write reviews, compare products, reputable sales shops, take advantage Use KOLs… and put affiliate marketing on your website, when users click on the link and make a purchase, you will receive a commission.
  • Shorten the link to make money:  In addition to the main content on the website, you can collect and summarize documents, software or share it with everyone or self-publish an ebook (e-book) for offline reading in school. case without Internet connection. You can then set the document download link as a shortened link to earn extra income from users.
  • Place ads on the page:   When the students build a website with quality content, it attracts a lot of visitors from users. You can completely send emails, contact via fanpage of businesses, product and service suppliers, to suggest them to place banners, advertising posters on your website, thereby earning extra income.
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Some students will worry about how to have a website as well as how to receive payments from businesses and e-commerce platforms.

First of all, about the website, you can completely use free platforms such as  WordPress, Wix, Weebly, BlogPost, Google Site…  Currently, there are also many tutorials on how to use these free platforms on network, YouTube, you just need to spend a few days off to watch it, you can completely grasp the knowledge quickly.

As for the payment problem, you can completely ask your parents or siblings to assist you with payment via ATM or bank transfer.

2. Be a writing collaborator

If you are not good at office computing to be able to build a personal website by yourself, you have a passion for writing, you can completely choose another solution that is to be a writing collaborator.

This way of making money online for students will be a suitable choice for students in their free time during the day or weekend, still meeting their studies, and having more income for themselves and their families.

You can write articles and send them to newspapers like Muc Tim, Hoa Hoc Tro… or look for CTV jobs to write articles for Bloggers, forums about travel, technology or even if the writing is good, the You can also write standard SEO content articles, product advertisements…

Currently, some businesses have an input training process, so students who are in high school who are oriented in the field of content, journalism, marketing, PR … can completely try.

3. Make Money From Translation

I see that at present, investing in foreign languages, especially English, is of great interest to many parents and students. Many high school students have very good foreign language skills.

If you are a language major or are good at a certain language, you can make money right from school. You can register to be a collaborator for translation centers, online newspapers, movies, stories, etc.

The only requirement of this job is high foreign language ability, fluency in translation and interpretation as well as some specialized knowledge in the field of translation (if any).

4. Input data online – Type Captcha

Simply put, this is a job make money online at home that you will type, input captcha strings, product code character strings, security codes…

This way of making money online for students requires you to have perseverance, high accuracy and fast typing speed because most of your income will be calculated based on the total number of products (entered) first. go out.

This form is quite time-consuming, labor-intensive and earns quite a bit of money, not to mention easy to scam and not pay. Therefore, you should consider when participating in this form of making money.

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5. Make money online for students from YouTube channel

If you have a lot of creative ideas and have the ability to communicate, specifically here the ability to attract listeners with words, building a YouTube channel to make money-making videos will be the right choice for students.

There are many different topics for you to choose from such as product/service reviews (food and drink – places to eat, cosmetics, fashion, games, books, etc.), tutorials and good tips/tricks (instructions for playing rubik, programming tutorials, tutorials for learning English…), vlogs (telling everyday stories, sharing experiences and personal views, answering questions.

The key factor here is that you should choose your areas of strength, have deep knowledge and expertise. For example, if you are a good student at City Level 1 Math, you can make a YouTube channel to share how to solve difficult problems, how to think, as well as some common types of problems…

At school age, this  how to make money online for students  also does not require you to have a studio or modern filming and photography equipment, as well as professional video editing. You can use your smartphone to shoot, invest in a mini tripod or anti-vibration gimbal to be able to record videos.

After your channel has qualified (1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of public viewing on the channel), you can place ads to make money with Adsense or use Affiliate Marketing method to generate passive income. for myself. Be patient and try how to make money with YouTube!

6. Play games for money

Many parents think that playing games is not good, just wasting time, distracting their children from studying. However, playing games also has many different positive aspects to help relieve stress, tension and fatigue after school, practice teamwork skills or even build personal image and relationships…

Besides, playing games is also a way to make money online for students, which is very popular with male students. You can immediately refer to the following money game ideas.

Be a streamer

Streamer is a popular new profession in recent times, associated with image building, personal brand, popularity and many development opportunities if you know how to take advantage.

Some famous streamers can be mentioned as Viruss, PewPew, Misthy, Do Mixi … with huge income and quite famous in the community. You can live stream (live comment) on a number of platforms such as Youtube, Twitch TV, Facebook Gaming … and earn money from fan donations or placing ads, as well as recommending games…

Test Game make money

If you love some game genres and have basic knowledge about games (how to program games, personal preferences of the gaming community, some popular game features …) then you can join the test. games for new game publishers, find game bugs, as well as provide game development ideas for publishers. How to make money online for students   can play games and earn income at the same time, so convenient, isn’t it?

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Business on games (plow rent, sell acc)

In addition, you can also do business on the game with a lot of hot games such as league of legends, mobile alliances, martial arts legends … You can plow acc, hunt rare items in the game to sell, plow. nick then sell it to someone in need…

7. How to make money online for students by phone

Today, in the era of technology development, surely every student has for themselves a mid-range smartphone with Android operating system to high-end iPhone, Xiaomi, Galaxy S…  How to make money online for students the next thing that I want to introduce is the use of mobile apps.

You can make money from many phone applications such as Momo, New Newspaper, Hay 24h Newspaper… by reading newspapers, walking, playing games, doing surveys, sending app invites to relatives and friends… From there, you will accumulate points to exchange scratch cards, phone codes, movie tickets… If you don’t need to use them, you can sell them back to make money.

App to make money online is completely suitable for middle school students, high school students, high school students. If you know how to take advantage, this is an effective way to make money online at home for students.

8. Online sales

Sell handmade goods, souvenirs, gifts online

This is a popular way to make money online for students and is suitable for high school students in 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade. If you have flowers and love handmade products and handicrafts, you You can make beautiful handmade items, decorations, and shimmering 3D gifts for sale by yourself or together with brothers and sisters, friends.

You can take advantage of free channels like Facebook, Zalo, Instagram… or simply make a simple small website with WordPress, Wix, Weebly… then share with your close friends, study group classes, social networking sites. …

If you work hard and learn the needs of your students, you can completely compete with online shops as well as gain experience for yourself before entering life.

Selling snacks

Another way to make money online for students is that you can sell simple and popular snacks such as soft drinks, milk tea, mixed rice paper, fish balls…

You can consult your mother or sister about the cost of raw materials, the cost of shipping (if you plan to hire) or if you deliver the goods yourself, you should calculate to balance your study and work time reasonably. Then you can learn how to do it yourself (if you don’t know it yet), you can take advantage of the channels mentioned above such as class groups, social networks, word-of-mouth methods… to advertise your products.

Just made at home to ensure safety and hygiene, just right for the needs of classmates, the same grade, and delicious… try it now!


So, I have introduced to you   ways to make money online for students   to help students who are still in school can accumulate more knowledge, experience as well as have more sources of income to support their families.

Parents should also consult to guide and advise to teach students how to be independent, self-study and develop their own thinking. I believe that you can combine the above 2-3 ways to create a sustainable income for yourself.

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