TOP 5 ways to make money at home to create the best income 2023

TOP 5 ways to make money at home to create the best income 2023

If Google brought you here, one thing is for sure, you are looking for a job to earn an income.

Not the jobs out there, the salaried jobs in shops, companies, factories, factories… but jobs to  make money at home.

This article will summarize more than 5 ways to make money at home with the best and most effective phones and computers today. We invite you to follow along.

Why make money at home?

Did you see that, in recent years, the epidemic has become very complicated and many people have lost their daily jobs.

Or many people can’t find a job they love, don’t like going out to work, or aren’t satisfied with their current salary….

A lot of people, like you, are also looking for work from home. You may be in one of these two situations:

  • Find a part-time job at home to earn extra income
  • Looking for a full time job to earn money from home

Whoever you are, your ultimate goal is to make money.Are you wondering if there are online jobs that can make money from home? Which professions to make money from home are reputable and effective as well as the most suitable for you?

It can be seen that, with the technological development of the 4.0 era, the demand for working from home is increasing. In particular, jobs in the Internet environment are increasingly popular. Many people have applied ways to make money online at home and have brought many positive results.

I make money online just part time to earn a second source of income. Through the years of making money online and going through epidemic seasons, I love this job even more.

5 effective ways to make money at home

With this article, I only mention jobs make money online at home. Because it fits the trend of the times and can create outstanding sources of income.

I ignore the traditional jobs that do not use the power of the Internet. If you are interested in such jobs, please exit this post and search again online.

The jobs below to make money at home, each way has its own advantages. However, with my more than 6 years of experience making money online, these are all very effective ways to earn extra income at home.

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1. Sell goods online at home

Maybe when looking for ways to make money at home, in your head, you immediately think of selling online, right?

Honestly, selling online is one of the jobs that many people are most interested in when they intend to make money at home. Especially those who like to do business and want to have a great income.

But did you know that selling online is not easy. Because if you want to start selling online, you need to pay attention to a few issues such as:

  • What are products to sell online?
  • How much capital do you have to import goods?
  • Have you found a source of quality wholesale goods, good prices yet?
  • What experience do you have in marketing to sell products?
  • Do you know order management, packaging, shipping, customer support?

In general, in order to sell a product and want to achieve good revenue, there are many issues that need to be taken care of.

However, if you have a passion for business, a passion for getting rich, then selling online is a form of making money that you should not ignore in today’s time. Grandparents have said “non-commercial, not rich”, what else? Until now it is still not wrong, only doing business can expect to be rich.

Just start doing and gain experience because no one is good at the beginning. If you have experience and stumble, you will be brave enough to own a home business.

2. Make Money With Google Adsense Ads

The form of making money by placing ads Google Adsense on your website, blog or Youtube channel still helps a lot of people make money regularly every month.

You love writing, you have a website with quality content and a certain audience, you can make money at home a few hundred dollars a month with  Google Adsense ads.

The big newspapers they all take advantage of placing ads of Google Adsense to make more profits.

Even your personal website that you are reading this article only makes money with this form.

I realize that placing Google Adsense ads and making money on the website is still a very reputable, sustainable and passive form of money. Just have people read the content on the website and click to see the ads on the page, you will earn money that Google Adsense shares.

3. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The two ways to make money above sound attractive, but if you want to start and get results, you have to spend a lot of capital and invest a lot of time.

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The next way to make money at home I want to introduce to you is   Affiliate Marketing. This is a form of making money online at home without capital and can earn a quick income if done properly.

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is a form of making money at home that has grown strongly in recent times. Many people earn tens of millions per month just with Affiliate Marketing.

For simplicity, you just imagine that, with affiliate marketing, you will go to promote other people’s products with a link (link) containing your referral code. When a customer registers or buys a product, you will receive a commission from that product.

With an article that reviews the best oil-free fryer products, which are used by many people today, the author has provided readers with the information they want as well as an overview of the product.

And the most special is the insertion of a product quote button for customers’ convenience. If interested, customers will click to visit the product sale page to see detailed parameters and prices. The link that the customer visits is the affiliate link that the author has cleverly inserted.

If the customer feels satisfied and decides to buy the product, the owner of this marketing link will receive the order and generate a commission.

The best platform for you to join Affiliate Marketing in Vietnam today must mention ACCESSTRADE. You just need to create an account, sign up for a campaign and select specific products to promote and earn commissions.

It sounds simple, but it’s not that easy. With the above example, you have to build a website, provide content and direct readers to your website. If customers visit and only view the article is not enough, those customers must accept to withdraw their wallet to buy products through your link, then you will have a commission.

With Affiliates, at the end of the month the commission will be summed up and you will receive this payment usually in the second half of the following month.

Many people listen easily and so create affiliate marketing accounts, create marketing links and then share everywhere on Facebook. Fortunately, they get 1 or 2 applications, but most of them get locked out of their accounts because of spam, waste of time, effort and will gradually get bored with Affiliate Marketing.

So, with Affiliate Marketing, you must have a sustainable money-making strategy from your website, blog, Youtube channel or fanpage. If done well, the revenue will be very stable and passive will come to you. If you are superficial, you don’t have enough money to drink coffee, let alone get rich.

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4. Make money with apps, mobile apps

The next way to make money at home that I want to introduce to you is making money online with apps, phone apps.

It can be apps to play games, read newspapers, do quests to earn rewards or cash. However, the App like this I don’t make much money and are often scammed (scam).

I will focus on Banking Apps or e-wallets, Digital Banking, ensuring you will earn the best income if you do well.

With the development of online payment, many e-wallets or digital banks were born, meeting the increasing demand for payment and shopping of customers.

There are famous names such as  MoMo e-wallets, VNPAY, SmartPay, ZaloPay, ViettelPay…. A common feature is that these wallets all have attractive promotions when referring friends to open wallets. You and the referred person both receive a valuable gift or cash.

5. Earn money at home with Banking App

In the past 2 years, when the epidemic was too complicated and customers could not go to the transaction points to open an account, most banks have launched an online identification and account opening program.

These programs all come with referring friends to open accounts and receive rewards. Maybe the referrer will receive a reward or both will receive a gift when referring a friend to successfully open an account.

For example, with the  App MB Bank  campaign from Military Bank, when you refer your friends to successfully open an account through the link you provided, your friends get 30k cash, you get 50k.

You don’t think 50k is small, you try to think that if you introduce 100 people, 1000 people, how much is your income? Below are individuals who have referred friends to open MB Bank accounts and earn tens of millions per month.


Making money at home is one of the jobs that receive the attention of many people, I have to confirm it once again.

The profession of making money from home is growing very strongly at the moment and there is definitely a boom in the future. It will bring a dream source of income for many people.

It is important that you choose a form of making money that suits your passion and skills. You have to take action to know if you are suitable for making money online at home.

Above are my shares about making money online from home. Hope you will choose a suitable job to start creating for yourself the best and most sustainable source of income.

If there are more effective ways to make money at home, feel free to leave a comment for everyone to discuss.

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