The most detailed instructions for registering a PayPal account

The most detailed instructions for registering a PayPal account

So, is it difficult to create a Paypal account? How to set up a Paypal account? All issues about Paypal account and how to update how to register for Paypal 2023 will be detailed in today’s article.

Paypal is the world’s largest and widely used online payment gateway. Today’s article I will guide you to create a Paypal account in the most detail as well as authenticate your Paypal account for long-term use.

There are many articles online on how to register for a Paypal account. I write this article not because I am too knowledgeable about Paypal accounts, but because simply doing MMO or online transactions, creating a Paypal account is quite a necessary job.

Paypal – A popular e-wallet for online payment

In fact, registering for this Paypal account is quite simple, the most important step is to verify the account for long-term use. In this article, I will refer to some online sources to complete the instructions and help you to do it correctly and successfully register a Paypal account.

Instructions to register for a Paypal account 2023

Registering Paypal is actually not too difficult, you just need to follow the steps below to create a successful Paypal account.

Step 1:  Access to Paypal homepage.

This is the latest interface 2023. Click  Sign Up  to register for a Paypal account.

Step 2:  Click  Personal Account.

In this there are 2 types of accounts Personal Account  and Business Account

  • Personal Account:   used for personal accounts, is the most common type of account. The monthly amount received/send is $500.
  • Business Account:  Used for companies, organizations, collectives, and individuals doing business with large amounts of money. There is no limit on the amount received/send on the account.

If you use a Paypal account with small transactions, then choosing a Personal account is reasonable. With a Business account, you need to prove your business license when you register for an account and there will be a variety of fees in the transaction.

However, you can also upgrade or downgrade your account as needed by writing a ticket to the PayPal support team.

Step 3:  Enter the phone number used for Paypal account.

The confirmation code is sent to your phone immediately, you enter it to verify.

After successfully verifying the phone number, you will be directed to the next step.

Step 4:  Declare the Paypal account registration information.

The information includes registered email, full name, password for Paypal account.

The password section you pay attention to must meet 2 criteria:

Password must be at least 8 characters long.
Passwords include letters, numbers and  at least 1 special character  (eg !,@,#,$,%…).

Fill in the account registration information.

In this section, pay attention to fill in your name correctly according to the instructions below:

Last Name or  Family Name: Your last name.
Middle Name: Your middle name.
First Name or Given Name: Your name.

For example, if your name is  ABC , enter Family Name (Last Name) die ABC,  Middle Name insert  ABC and  Given Name (First name) as  ABC, all using unsigned Us.

NOTE:  You need to fill in the full name as above to match the name in your Bank account. Later, you can withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank to avoid having to re-authenticate.

  • Step 5:   Fill in your date of birth, ID, and address.
  • National ID:  Enter your ID number or ID card here.
    Address:   Fill in the address where you are living, can be filled with ID card.
  • ZIP Code: Look up your love/city Zip Code and enter it here. ZIP Code consists of 6 numbers you can look up online or find in this article.
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Click  Agree & Create Account.

Step 6: Enter card information VISA/MasterCard

Add full Visa information as below.

You enter your VISA/MasterCard card information here including  Card number (16 digits),  Expiry date, and CSC/CVV code. This information is available on your VISA/MasterCard.

Click  Link Card.

Step 7: Complete the PayPal account registration process

When the message below appears, it means you have successfully registered a PayPal account.

Click on Go to Account to go to the account and complete the registration process.

Step 8:  Confirm your Paypal account email.

At this time, PayPal will send you 1 Email notification Please confirm your email address with link Verify Email.

Click  Confirm my Email Adress to confirm the email using Paypal registration is yours.

Enter your Paypal account password to confirm Email.

Complete the process.

At this point you have completed the Paypal account registration. Let’s move on to the verification step.

How to verifying PayPal account with VISA card

Verify your VISA card with your Paypal account to make your account more stable. Make it easy to pay Online and minimize problems on your account.

Part of verifying your Visa card to Paypal makes sure you are a real user and there is a strong link between your Paypal account and your account at the Bank.

And when PayPal has been linked to the VISA card, if you don’t have enough money in Paypal, PayPal will automatically use the money in your VISA card account to make payments without having to pay Paypal.

For PayPal accounts in Vietnam, if you don’t Verify your account will be locked after using it for a while. Looks like it’s for a new account, I have a Paypal account set up in 2015 with a Business account that hasn’t been verified yet and is still working properly.

After logging in, select the  My Paypal  button in the upper right, then select  Bank accounts and cards.

Select  Credit Cards.

Click on  Confirm Credit Card.

Here PayPal informs you that you need to enter a 4-digit code to complete the authentication process. So where did you get this 4-digit code? Continue reading below to get this  4-digit code .

PayPal will deduct $ 1.95 (about 50k) from the VISA card account you added above. This amount is used to authenticate your PayPal account with your VISA card. After a few days, this amount will be refunded to your account, so you can rest assured.

How to get 4-digit code to verify Paypal account

You should use SMS Banking or Internet Banking service to monitor balance fluctuations on your account.

During the PayPal registration process, when deducting the amount to verify your account, you can check the messages on your phone or you can also track the transaction history on Internet Banking to get this code.

1. Get this code on phone message

If you register for SMS Banking, you can easily get this 4-digit code as shown below.

2. View transactions on Online account

Monitor account fluctuations on your Online account information to get the  4-digit code.

3. Call the Bank’s Support Call Center

After you have obtained the 4-digit code for authentication, go back to the previous interface, click  Ready to Confirm.

Enter the  4 digit-code code and press  Confirm.

Message  Verify successful.

Now that you have a Paypal account and have authenticated with your VISA card, you can make online transactions and payments easily.

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What is a Paypal account?

We invite you to learn about Paypal accounts on wikipedia.

To understand what Paypal is, simply understand that this is an international payment gateway that helps make transactions online. Is an intermediary bridge linking your Paypal account with your Bank account for Online transactions.

Here is the origin of the Paypal account:

PayPal was founded in December 1998 as Confinity, a company that developed secure software for handheld devices founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, and Ken Howery. PayPal was developed and founded as a money transfer service at Confinity in 1999, funded by John Malloy from BlueRun Ventures.

Why use a Paypal account?

Paypal accounts are preferred for a number of reasons:

  • PayPal is an online payment gateway. You can easily deposit and withdraw money from your Paypal account.
  • Signing up and maintaining an account is completely free.
  • No annual fee like  Payoneer account or Visa/Master Card.
  • Allows linking Bank account with Paypal.
  • Safety, security and high reputation.

With a PayPal account you can make/receive/transfer money to individuals or companies around the world. You can receive money from all forms of MMO when making money online, including earning money on the phone.

Most forms of MMO pay via PayPal account, with the money received to your Paypal account, you can withdraw money to Vietnam Bank easily.

You can also use the money in your Paypal account to buy products online that accept Paypal for payment.

And another interesting thing is that if you work online and pay with Paypal with the money in your account, you are less “sorry” than paying with Visa card. Because this is a foreign currency account and there is no need to convert the exchange rate.

Thus, owning a Paypal account is indispensable for those who work online. Whether you are making money online or simply buying a product, with the support of Paypal, all payments are easier than ever.

So what are you waiting for without quickly learning how to open a Paypal account right away.

How to use Paypal account?

Register Paypal with  Email and verify your account with  Visa card. I will guide these things in the next part of the article.

You will then use your Paypal account which is the email you registered to make payments or transactions online.

Only sites that support Paypal can you use your Paypal account to pay. Most accept payment by Visa/MasterCard more.

If you choose to pay by Paypal as above, you will proceed to log in to your Paypal account with the Email and Password you have registered and perform the payment steps.

What do you need to register for a Paypal account?

You must fully prepare the following factors to be able to create a Paypal account and successfully authenticate your Paypal account.

1. VISA/MasterCard

This is the  international payment card  used to register and authenticate a Paypal account. You need to prepare a VISA or Master Card and I recommend you to use a VISA/MasterCard of Vietcombank (VCB) or Asia Bank (ACB).

If you do not have a VISA/MasterCard, go to the bank to register, the registration procedure is quite simple. You only need to register one type of card (VISA and MasterCard are two types of international payment cards of two different organizations).

You can register for a  VISA Debit (debit card) or  VISA Prepaid (prepaid card) at ACB quite quickly because they have pre-made cards available here.

Card issuance fee at each bank may be different and depending on when you register, there is a promotion or not, but it is not too expensive.

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If you have a VISA/MasterCard card, you proceed to deposit 100k into your account to use during the Verify ($1.95) process when registering for a Paypal account. You can rest assured, this amount is only for authentication and Paypal will return you within a few days.

Of course you can register for Paypal without Visa, but for long-term use and withdraw Paypal money to the Bank you definitely need Visa to authenticate your account.

Many of you cannot use the card even though you have worked at Vietcombank or ACB because you have not activated the international payment feature on your VISA/MasterCard card. Remember when you are done with the request to activate international payment.

You should remember that the Visa card is different from the ATM card that you often withdraw money every day. Many of you asked  Is it possible to create a Paypal account with an ATM card , I also replied that only international payment cards can be used when registering for Paypal.

In addition, you should register to use  SMS Banking, Mobile Banking  or  Internet Banking  on your bank account to monitor the fluctuation of your Visa card’s account balance – essential when you proceed to verify your Paypal account.

2. Have an active email account

Signing up for Paypal definitely needs an Email, because the Email name is the name of your Paypal account.

The email account used to register for a Paypal account and you will use this email in all transactions on Paypal. It is recommended that you use a regular email that works to receive notifications from Paypal more easily. Email should be secured with a strong password to avoid being hacked.

3. You must have ID card, phone number

The information about ID card (or CCCD citizen ID card) and phone number is very important, so you should enter the correct information when registering for a Paypal account. The phone number must be the number in use for Paypal to send the account verification code.

Especially if your name on Paypal is wrong, the ID card or ID card information is extremely important for you to change your name correctly.

FAQ when registering a Paypal account and using

Can I create a Paypal account with an ATM card?

When you create a Paypal account, you do not need to use a Bank account. However, for long-term use, you must use a Visa ATM card to authenticate your Paypal account.

How to register for Paypal without Visa?

There is absolutely no need for Visa when registering for Paypal, you only need to use your Visa card to authenticate.

What is a Paypal account?

You should distinguish between Paypal and Paypal account. Paypal account is the email you use when setting up your Paypal account.

How many Paypal accounts can each Visa authenticate?

You can only use 1 Visa for 1 Paypal account for authentication.

How much is the Paypal withdrawal fee?

The default Paypal withdrawal fee is 60k and the withdrawal rate depends on each bank.

How to deposit money in Paypal?

You cannot deposit directly into Paypal. You can only use the money in your Visa card linked to Paypal to pay if your Paypal account is not enough.

Which Bank Visa to use to authenticate Paypal?

Most Visa cards can be used to authenticate your Paypal account.


At this point, you have completed the process of opening a Paypal account with a VISA card. Registering a Paypal account is not difficult, right?

Now you have a Paypal account to make payments and transactions on the network, also quite simple and fast.

If you want to learn about using a Paypal account, you can refer to the articles online, I have an article on how to withdraw money from Paypal to the Bank, you can read it.

I will try to write more articles about using Paypal account.

Good bye and see you again.



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