12 Best Extra Jobs for Office People 2023

12 Best Extra Jobs for Office People 2023

Are you looking for side jobs, part-time jobs for office workers to earn extra income during or outside office hours?

Do you know what are the best and most prestigious ways to make money for office workers and office workers?

The top jobs for the best office workers today will be compiled and updated continuously in today’s article.

Invite you – those who are doing administrative work and want to earn another income besides salary in their spare time to follow the article.

Should office workers work more?

Office people also have many types, right? Maybe you are busy all day with work, maybe your salary is very high and you are very satisfied with your current life. But… it is a fact that many office workers are quite idle. The salary received is not too high and I still want to find a part-time job to improve my income.

Many people have gone to Google and found part-time jobs, looking for ways to make money for office workers, looking for part-time jobs from 5pm to earn extra income.

Part-time jobs for office workers during office hours or things that can earn extra income in their spare time during lunch break or evening I will introduce right in this article.

No matter what job you are doing, whether you have a lot of money or a little money, whether you are too busy or very idle, you should also create a second source of income for yourself. In other words, you should diversify your income sources for self.

And for myself, who is also an 8 hour day administrative worker, I fully understand the desire to earn more income from you. I also make more money online and the income from online is more than the administrative income that I am receiving.

In this article, I would like to share the most effective ways to earn extra income for office workers. There are also ways we are implementing and bringing positive results.

12 extra jobs for effective office workers

1. Online sales – online business

Maybe you will immediately think of a part-time job by selling goods online for office workers to earn extra income, right?

Although this job sounds very old, it has never been hot.

In fact, this is one of the part-time jobs for office workers that many people care about and participate in the most ever.

With the development of e-commerce like Amazon… and technology shipping services becoming more and more popular, online sales are also convenient.

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You can sell your favorite products such as clothes, cosmetics, accessories, etc. or products you are using with good results. Combine with channels like Facebook, Tik Tok to sell effectively.

As for the brothers, they should focus on technology products, sportswear, accessories for men… also have very good results.

However, you must have capital to import goods and accept the risk of stockpiling goods if you sell trending products, you should consider and can choose other ways.

2. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

A very hot form of making money in recent years is  Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing.

If you like doing business but are afraid of importing goods, stockpiling goods, afraid of warehousing, shipping, and customer care problems, you can try to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Part-time jobs for office workers by Affiliate Marketing have been joined by many of you recently.

With this form, you will promote the product with your marketing link. Customers who register or buy products through the link you provide, you will have a commission.

Details about make money with affiliate marketing please follow in an article I have posted on Blog.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of easy ways to make money, I still make very good money with  Mobile App campaigns on AccessTrade, you can try it now.

3. Be a contributor to writing articles

Writing collaborators is also one of the part-time jobs for office workers that attracts many participants.

People in offices and offices, skills in word processing are not discussed, right?

You can join collaborator recruitment sites (CTV) to write content for websites, blogs, forums, fanpages and register to write content that you have expertise in.

For example, articles on skills in using Word, Excel, video editing… are also some of the things you can do as a collaborator for some websites today.

4. Make money online via mobile App

Make money on your phone through apps, making money online is increasingly popular.

Many online money making apps have friend referral programs where you can earn extra income from tens to hundreds of thousands of dong per day.

And this is also one of the more effective jobs for office workers.

There are some money making applications on the phone that I am still earning an extra income of $ 200 – $ 300 every day regularly such as Banking Apps.

Please follow the article  Synthesis of effective online money making applications  that I have shared on the Blog to choose reputable online money making apps and earn quick income.

5. Stock investment

Vietnamese stocks are emerging as a new trend and you must have heard about stock investment in recent years.

This is one of the quite attractive investment channels following the trend of the times. However, having invested, it is acceptable to eat and lose.

You need to be knowledgeable about stocks and know the information about the stocks you want to invest in to minimize the risks in this market.

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If you have idle capital and love to invest, you can try this stock. Surely this is a part-time job for office workers that many people love.

6. Cryptocurrency investment (trade coin, hold coin)

Also emerged in recent years and is well-received by many people. There are many people who have changed their lives when investing in cryptocurrencies (there is also a lot of wealth but also a lot of poverty).

The most prominent cryptocurrency is still  Bitcoin (BTC) or  Ethereum (ETH) that you must have heard of.

Although cryptocurrencies are not licensed in Vietnam, they are not banned either. You can completely participate in trading on exchanges like Binance  to Trade or Hold coins and eat the difference when there is a price fluctuation.

If the coin you bought goes up in price, you make a profit, but if the price goes down, you lose. Simple as that.

But it’s not easy to eat, if it was easy, everyone would be rich. Knowing the technique, knowing the analysis is only a small part of cryptocurrency investing. If you can control greed and know how to take profits, cut losses at the right time, you still want to make money from this market.

As for myself, I still play coin. I don’t Trade but just spend my spare money to buy some coins in the Top 10 and Hold (hold) until I reach the price I want and sell for a profit.

And if it goes down and I swing to the top, just leave it and accept the loss, maybe one day it will fly away.

7. Make Money Blogging

Blogging for money is also a part-time job for effective office workers.

Just imagine it. One day, you don’t need to work and still have a passive income, which is also quite attractive, isn’t it?

Try answering some of the questions below!

  • How many pandemics have you been through and how difficult was it because you lost your income?
  • Why is it difficult? Is it because you only depend on one source of income or if other income is also affected by the epidemic?

Did you know that, with blogging and applying many ways to make money, I went through the difficult days of the epidemic from the income on the Blog.

Having built a website and writing good content, don’t worry about not making money. Not one way or another, not more or less. What matters is whether you take action or not.

For example, there are some examples of making money online on effective websites/blogs such as  make money with Google Adsense,  make money with Affiliate Marketing… which I still apply very effectively.

If you have the ability to write, just try learn how to make a simple website with WordPress and write. Write what you are passionate about and what many others are interested in finding. One day you will also earn income from blogging – like me.

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8. Financial advice, insurance, law

The side job for office workers that I see that many people are interested in is financial consulting, insurance, and law.

Get more jobs in consulting insurance such as life insurance, cancer insurance… and earn income based on the number of successful contracts.

You can still work as an affiliate and not be tied to sales. Try adding this job if you have the ability to communicate and persuade others.

Legal consulting services are also interested by many people, especially business owners who are operating in business. If you have expertise in this field, you can also do more easily.

9. Translation

The demand for translation of documents and contract documents also increased in the time of the input box.

If you have good specialized foreign language skills, you can get translation jobs suitable for your major.

Don’t think it’s simple, because it takes foreign language skills and understanding of specialized terminology, so many people can do it. However, if you do well, you can also earn a lot of money for office workers.

10. Design banners, logos

The profession of designing logos and banners is also very hot when all current information channels are applying 4.0 technology and need banner and image designs.

If you are proficient in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Canva… then I’m sure there will be no shortage of work for you.

Office workers are too suitable for jobs like this. You should take advantage to increase your income with freelance jobs like this.

11. Make Money With Youtube

Create content and upload to Youtube channel to make money. Many people succeed and earn tens of millions per month with a Youtube channel with Google Adsense ads placed.

If you have ideas for making videos, then do it right away, use your mobile phone to simply record and edit the basics.

Maybe your content gets a lot of attention and you’ll love the job. You will know what to do next.

12. Administration of Fanpage, Group

Facebook is so powerful, who doesn’t have a fb account, right?

And fanpages, groups on related fields also need a lot of staff to operate in reviewing articles, posting, running ads …

You already know about Facebook advertising which is an advantage with these fields.

How to earn money by working online?

Having worked, surely the highest purpose is still to make money, earn more income, right?

And you are wondering if you work online, how do you receive money?

With the development of electronic payment systems and banking systems today, it is also very easy for you to receive payments through popular forms. For example, Bank transfer, payment via MoMo or other e-wallets.

In addition, you can also receive money via Paypal if you do MMO work in the international market.


In this article, I have summarized the part-time jobs for office workers that I think are still quite potential at the present time.

In addition to the main job, you should have one more side job and especially for office people, the more income sources you have to earn from your current job.

You can also see more  best ways to make money online that I have updated on Blog. You will have more options for yourself when working overtime after office hours and earning a second source of income.

If there are more delicious jobs for office workers, please leave a comment at the end of the article.

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